-Power 2 Speak-

Trust the Deeper You

"Someone that I am is waiting for courage.

The one that I want, the one I will become will catch me."

~ Rufus Wainwright ~

It's time. Step out of the shadows. Trust the Deeper You.

Do you doubt your power to speak and live your and truth?

I know what it is like to be voiceless, to try to blend into the crowd. I know what it is like to hide from everyone's sight - especially your own.

I'm with you, you are not alone. What makes you powerful is your willingness and readiness to be seen, heard, accepted and fully alive. You can and must move into the wholeness of your own brilliant self and life.

Imagine being listened to, supported, given to and guided deeper. Through personal or group sessions, I walk with you through the shadows. I want you to know, hear and heed your silenced wisdom. And then know you can and will express that wisdom.

Only through trust, openness and honesty can we begin to touch our dark places - and discover the strength, beauty and hope that lies within.

Even the shadows can be luminous.

You - are you ready now to step out of the shadows to see and embrace you? Be seen and heard by others? Be fully alive? To feel a deep sense of freedom and inner peace? It's your time.

Doing the Inner Work - Together

I believe that we are all powerful beyond measure with our own unique gifts to share with the world. But, somewhere along the way, we lost touch with who we truly are.

This I know....

To live fully you must first belong to yourself, become your own very best friend. To do that you have to meet yourself where you are - right now. That means you must see all of yourself, not run away or hide from parts of yourself you don't like or don't want to see. All of these parts are you.

When you allow yourself to see all of your parts - shame, guilt, fear, imperfections, love - and embrace them all completely you will find a sense of freedom and inner peace. Then you will fully belong to yourself, be your very own best friend.   You will be comfortable showing up and being seen as you truly are. 

It is in your power to stop pretending to be perfect and strong, and start truly relating - alone and together.

I am not here to change you. Only you can do that. On our journey together you will gain the insight, energy and tools to take the courageous step into a new loving relationship with yourself and your life, open to a real, meaningful relationship with yourself and with others.

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