-What they are saying-

"Elisa's incisive and non-judgmental approach to coaching has helped me to identify, understand and then release some emotional boulders I've been carrying over the years. For example, she helped me move through layers of anxiety and trauma, to finally acknowledge deep-rooted fears, pain, as well as my own power. Bringing these emotional truths to light is both healing and freeing. Coaching with Elisa has supported my growth, bringing renewed energy, hope and integration into my life."


"Elisa has helped me through all sorts of life challenges and facilitated me as I create my next act, which is going to be quite a bit different than the act that's coming to a close. I highly recommend her as a Transformational Catalyst and Life Illuminator. She is one of the most gentle and insightful people I have ever met, and she is truly helping me in a very holistic and natural way I don't even have words for. I could go on and on! Thank you so much Elisa for being in my life and helping me in making changes and learning to try on new ways of being."


"Elisa gave me great insight into ways and ideas that I could utilize in order to move forward with establishing a good foundation for my coaching business. We talked about designating a certain time of day to focus only on working on my coaching business. I also expressed to her an interest to create an online program of some sort but not knowing where to start or what content to use. She helped me narrow down a topic I could start on first and brainstorm ideas. Because of our session I gained the idea to create a Accountability meetup group for people like me (us) that are trying to continue to grow and establish our own businesses. Also I plan to create another meetup group similar to the one I had run before because of our session as well. I'm very excited about those ideas and what we discussed."


"Elisa has a coaching style that I really love! Her specialty in communication was exactly what I needed. She gave me a new perspective on how to approach some of my short-term and long-term goals. It was very helpful to have her coach me through feeling overwhelmed. During the call I was feeling much more confident and relaxed about creating more balance in my life."


"Elisa has a passion for communication and interrelationships based on the premise of mutual understanding, respect and compassion. She is fascinated with the power of human relationships and the power to heal."


"Elisa was wonderful! She helped me work through some overwhelm I was having, gave me some perspective and truly helped me feel less stressed."


"My session with Elisa happened at just the right time for me; she listened patiently and attentively while I downloaded my feelings and emotions around my particular issue. Elisa compassionately helped me work through that crisis du jour, deftly helping me to remember my purpose, reignite my passion, and move forward."