Listening Circles benefit us in a myriad of ways in all areas of our lives. We learn a whole new way of being and engaging in all our relationships. They also helps us:

* Gain a greater understanding of ourselves and others
* Heal wounds
* Find our authentic voice
* Be better listeners
* Become comfortable being seen and heard
* Develop deeper, more meaningful relationships
* Feel a sense of connectedness, community and common good
   And more

Words cannot truly express how powerful and transformative these circles are. I invite you to come and experience it for yourself.

If you would like to find out more feel free to contact me here.

Listening Circles

Every person deserves to be heard.

This is a safe space to connect deeply with yourself others. 

This is a place to:

*Come with curiosity
*Be fully present
*Practice deep listening
*Become comfortable with allowing
*Listen without judgement
*Feel a sense of belonging

 and more

*In this circle we don't offer advice, we don't try to fix, we don't try to solve others' problems, we don't ask questions of the person whose turn it is. We don't comment on anything someone says. We listen with an open heart and an open mind.*

- Dates and sign-up information coming soon -

Individual Listening Circle

A Powerful & Transformative Experience

This is a Journey Inward to Listen Deeply and Fully To Yourself

This is a safe, intimate space held just for you to journey inward, connect deeply with yourself to explore, uncover, understand.......

*What might need to be healed
*What might want to be reclaimed
*Who you need to forgive
*What you might need to let go - what you might be holding on to that no longer serves you
*What you need to give yourself   permission for
*What you might need to resolve
*What might want or needs to emerge

-Trust The Deeper You. Trust Your Inner Wisdom. Trust The Process. -

Circle of Being - Advanced

"We are constantly invited to be who we are" - Henry David Thoreau

This is a experiential and participatory experience

Where you can:

*Delight in the rich expansiveness of   being seen and heard
*Engage in the magic of deeper, richer   more meaningful connection
*Bask in the beauty of luminous listening

If you would like to participate in a life changing, transformative experience I invite you to join Circle of Being.

"My humanity is bound in yours for we can only be human together" - Desmond Tutu

- Dates and sign-up information coming soon. -