Take Up Space



Are you comfortable taking up space or do you shrink into the background emotionally, maybe even physically, to avoid drawing attention to yourself?

Maybe you feel the need to be quieter, less noticeable to avoid conflict or being judged? I have been there!

But one thing I have learned is that fear of taking up space can hold you back from truly expressing yourself, pursuing your dreams and having the meaningful connections with others.

I want you to know that you absolutely deserve and have the right to take up space.

You have the right to:

* Ask for what you need.

* Express your feelings, your thoughts.

* Voice your opinion.

* Be seen and heard as who you are without fear of being judged or rejected.

* Stand tall and proud.

* Confidently own your presence and unapologetically occupy the physical, mental, and emotional space that you need.

I know, it's not always ease to overcome the fear of taking up space. I requires you to be vulnerable, to take risks, and to be open to criticism.

It can be a long journey, but it's so worth taking.

When you can confidently take up space, you allow yourself to pursue your passions, dreams, and desires, but you also show others that you are capable and competent - without fearing judgement or rejection.

Your voice and perspective are valuable and important.

You are worthy of Taking Up Space.

You don't ever need to hold back on expressing yourself fully.

I would love to hear how you feel about Taking Up Space - share in the comments or reply to this email.



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